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Increase your productivity and stop wondering about your online privacy. Take back full control of your data and experience digital trust in your new collaboration hub.

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Privacy was not a given fact of Life. Till now.

The​ tools and services you use everyday are​ ​neither​ ​open, secure​ ​nor​ ​private.​ ​Location of your data and how they are stored and processed are too often managed in a dubious and shady way. The recent data breaches illustrate this urgent need of privacy and trust.
Sharekey is a game changer.

#NoBackDoor - Swiss Data Bunker

We store our users sensitive encrypted data in a unique and highly secure location within a former military bunker, deep inside a Swiss mountain, with state-of-the-art security measures (physical & biometric access control, video surveillance, 24/7). We take security seriously.

About Us

We are Team of World-Class Experts, Cryptography Engineers, Growth Hackers, Designers, Developers, Creative Thinkers, and Problem Solvers. Our aim is to create an innovative collaborative platform powered by a Privacy-Centric Blockchain.

We are a Swiss Company

With a global footprint

Zug — SwitzerlandWe are headquartered in the heart of the Swiss Crypto Valley, beneficing from one of the best ecosystem and legal framework in the world.
Minsk — BelarusOur R&D center is based in Minsk, capital of Belarus, one the most active and innovative IT hub in Europe.

Our Vision

We have European roots but operate and collaborate Globally. Our Team is based in Zug and Minsk but we collaborate with experts based in various locations. We are Made For Liquid Business, and so is our plateform. Sharekey is a new way to collaborate and communicate.

Sharekey is not a single application. It is much bigger than that, our vision for the Business is pioneering. Not only do we add value through our application, we are also driving the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology through the establishment of an innovative privacy oriented blockchain powered ecosystem.

Your Data. Your Assets.

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Our manifesto

We strongly believe that the way we collaborate and the internet itself has entered in a new era. Our mission is to provide a transparent, secure, scalable, intelligent and compliant platform relying on privacy and user centric, decentralized and data-agnostic concepts.

We are a People-First Company

We pay particular attention to the quality of our employees working environment. We provide our Highly Skilled, Forward-Thinking and Passionate team the best working conditions in the heart of very exciting eco-systems.

Switzerland ZugLocated in the Heart of the Crypto Valley, our modern office is in one of the most exclusive and convenient location in town.
Belarus MinskWe are located in the most central and dynamic area of the city. Our modern and comfortable office is one of the best working environnement in Minsk.
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