Sales & Marketing

Marketing Manager

We are looking for an inspired and inspiring individual to help building a brand in B2B software in Western Europe. 1-to-3y experienced young professional who is customer-centric at heart, keen on both business and technology, and deeply passionate about privacy rights.


Position Summary

We offer:

  • A young, motivated team with flat hierarchies and uncomplicated communication
  • The opportunity to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, to quickly take on responsibility and grow together with Sharekey (including Stock Option Plan)
  • Both autonomy and mentorship with experienced entrepreneurs
  • Contact with customers of various industries and levels, up to CEOs and Board members
  • Work-life balance: flexible working hours and home office options (especially during the COVID period)
  • Various perks: business cell phone, new laptop as well as discounted public transport or parking space
  • An opportunity to contribute to the effective protection of Privacy Rights of both Businesses and People


We are looking for:

  • Strong advocacy and passion for Privacy Rights
  • High curiosity, high potential, high energy
  • Deep affinity with IT and technology; Highly connected and at ease with IT/digital/software tools
  • Great, natural communication skills
  • 1-5 years of experience in Digital Marketing, including in content creation & development (website, articles, infographics, animations, video)
  • Ability to use a pipeline-based CRM
  • Excellent organisation skills, rigor and efficiency
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, « DIY », proactivity, autonomy
  • Positive attitude, openness and self-reflection
  • Ability to understand and explain complex relationships/systems in an simple and concise manner
  • Polyvalence in running transversal marketing activities: research, various content production, project management, digital PR, webinar & event preparation.
  • Ability to take on a project and achieve in a short timeframe, driving other stakeholders

Your Mission

Amongst the newly formed Customer Success & Marketing Team, your mission will be to manage the creation of marketing content and various marketing activities under the guidance of our top management. You will primarily develop a set of communication tools and help establish the presence of the company on all channels, both Digital and IRL. You will be working hand in hand with the CEO, CMO and Customer Success & Acquisition, helping them also acquire and grow a portfolio of Corporate Clients following some identified verticals, linked to business, legal and finance. Practically this includes (without being limited to):

  • Research on target customers, media and Creative briefs, management of external creatives & agencies
  • Development of an asset library, from visuals, infographics, to videos (brand, product, training…)
  • Copywriting of basic content in digital security & business
  • Preparation of sales marketing material
  • Development of holistic web content, for own (website mainly) or inbound channels
  • Preparation for and participation to trade and business events (virtual in the short term)
  • Participation to the definition of the Marketing Strategy

If unleashing digital collaboration preserving Privacy sounds like an exciting journey, if your skills match our expectations, then please send your resume in and let’s talk.

About Sharekey

Sharekey is both a Team of inspired professionals and an innovative collaboration platform at the forefront of a new era of decentralized, privacy-centric computing. Our Clients and we believe it is high time that Europe reclaims its Business Privacy back from Global Big Tech.

Our audited and rock-solid software meets the needs of today’s companies facing the complexity of the “New Normal”: remote work, distributed teams including many externals and digitalization of all conversations. With Sharekey, businesses now have a fully European and Swiss alternative to the fragmented solutions proposed by large global firms. Our collaboration platform is fully private, does not track any behavior or any data and is solely managed from our secure servers in Switzerland. Sharekey is blind to its Clients’ activity: every bite of information is encrypted through App-to-App-Encryption, the next-gen high-security protocol covering every single step of the way.

Recruitment Policy

There is no single profile at Sharekey. We are always looking for People who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to our Team. If you are looking for a place that values your curiosity, passion for Privacy, and desire to learn, if you’re seeking colleagues who are both thinkers and makers eager to take on challenges as a Team, then let’s talk.

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